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When Gateway sold my account to "Computer Finance, LLC", they repeatedly charged $29 late fees, even though I mailed the payments two weeks before they were due. Whenever I have called the new finance company, their customer service personnel have been extremely disinterested, rude, and quite frankly, of lower-than-average intelligence. They were not able to explain why it took so long to process my payments that I was charged a late fee, nor were they willing to remove the late fees, though they were clearly the fault of the company.

The fact that Gateway was able to sell my account without my consent to these idiots is bad enough; to add insult to injury, the Gateway computer that I purchased came with no serial port, no parallel port; the a: drive was not hooked up, and 8 months later, the hard drive crashed and had to be replaced. Their telephone tech support were incredibly slow-witted, and did not have enough of a command of the English language for a receptionist position, let alone tech support.

Despite their reputation for good service and equipment, I found that buying from Gateway was one of the most disappointing major purchases I have ever made, and the cause of the most aggravation over a period of time.


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Complaint is Justified

#2Consumer Comment

Thu, May 02, 2002

I to have been in the same situation. I can say that i have proof my payments were not late. I have copies of every check I sent computer finance LLC. In the beginning I also sent payments two weeks before there due date. However I was still getting late fees. The customer service dept. continued to tell me that I was not mailing the payment soon enough. refusing to credit the late fees. I was starting to think they were holding the payments to make them late so they could charge late fees.My checks were proccessed and cashed before my due date. After getting copies of the front and back of my cancelled checks. They had to refund the late fees. I have made payments they don't credit for over 28 days. There is a serious problem in their payment proccessing area. I even had a customer service rep tell me that. Having this account has been a horrible experience from the beginning. As for the smart person who defends this company's tactics. perhaps you could go have an answer for their incompetance, and show someone there how to handle accounts recievable. Any who has an account there really needs to keep very close records! watch your statements! Take notes every time you call! You may end up having to hire legal services. So you will want to have every piece of proof. I now calculate every statement myself. Get an attorney if you have proof of injustice to you. This company is one of the worst for customer service I have ever dealt with. I was also charged additional interest charges for the transition of the account. I am disputing that as well. I advise anyone to only make payments by a written check. So that You have record of your payments, and get copies from your bank every month of front and back to keep in your file for your gateway account. If your account is fairly new and you owe a pretty high balance. You have a very long rough road ahead. Pay as much as you can to get rid of that debt quick! They are a nightmare!!!!!



#3Consumer Suggestion

Tue, March 05, 2002

Well, James, it seems a little odd to me that you'd criticize someone for calling someone's intelligence substandard, and then proceed to tell everyone who's been victimized by Gateway that if they were as smart as you, they'd have educated themselves before making the purchase. However, I will concede one thing: the outrageous interest rate was made known before the purchase, which is why I never even mentioned it. Some of us probably felt that it was worthwhile, as long as the product was good; many people want the item immediately, and are willing to pay interest to get it. It's the American way: it's why the average debt of American households is so high, and why the lifeblood of the American economy seems to be credit. Without credit, you are considered mostly worthless by anyone in the finance world. However: the product was *not* good; personally, I don't consider 8 months to be a good lifespan for a "$1000 purchase"... I don't know why your expectations are so low, but if I pay that kind of money for something, I certainly expect it to last longer than that! I'm sorry if my assessment of the Tech Support personnel offended your delicate sense of "correctness", but I called it like I saw it. When the person on the other end of the phone had no other advice than "Reboot", and literally did not even acknowledge understanding the simple sentence "That isn't working". I drew the obvious conclusion. Jump off the pedestal. Like you've never hung the phone up and thought "Idiot." You're probably doing it right now. :)


kansas city,
My apologies.

#4REBUTTAL Owner of company

Fri, February 22, 2002

I'm sorry, Taylor. In my rebuttal, I typed that you were "the smarted man in the entire world", automatically assuming you were male. If you are a female, I sincerely do apologize. I should have been politically correct and used the word "person". But what do I know? I'm just a stupid idiot like every body else.


kansas city,
Do you feel better now?

#5UPDATE Employee

Fri, February 22, 2002

Taylor, I certainly hope you feel better now that you have slashed on everyone's intelligence involved in this situation. I've heard that those with low self-esteem have to belittle others to make themselves feel like they may actually be worth a little something to the world. As far a Gateway "selling your account" goes: In all my dealings with the company I've never heard of this. Your client ID (a.k.a. "account number")is yours until the day you die. Any new clients to the company receives a brand new account when they purchase a system. They do not sell other client's old accounts to people. That simply makes no sense. The reason your computer does not have parallel and serial ports is because it is an Essential system. Think about the word "essential" for a moment. Look it up in the dictionary if you have to. It means basic or indespensible. An Essential system is for somebody who needs a system to browse the internet and check e-mail. That's about it. It's BASIC. If you wanted a system that would do more and had more room for expansion, I guess you should have educated yourself on what you were buying a little bit more before you just dumped the money on the first thing reccommended to you. The floppy drive not being hooked up is just bad quality control. It's no excuse, but this will happen every now and then on something that is mass-produced. It's just a fact of life. Sorry. Also, you can consider yourself lucky that the only problem you've had with the machine is the hard drive going out once in 8 months. Normally, if something is going to fail, it will happen within the first 90 days. This does not just apply to computers, but to most electronic equipment. You also stated that you were making your payments two weeks in advance every cycle and they were charging you late fees every time. Are you sure that you didn't get behind on your payments from the start and they all weren't two weeks LATE? Wait, no. I suppose that's impossible, seeing as how everybody is of a "lower-intelligence" and your are SOOOO much smarter than everybody else. I'm sorry, I must have been wrong this entire time because there is no way somebody as smart as you could ever make a mistake. Who am I to question the smartest man in the entire world? Oh, and by the way, your computer seems to be working good enough to get on the internet and complain about it.

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