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Complaint Review: General Motors Corporation - Detroit Michigan

Reported By:
Pavel - Brooklyn, New York, USA

General Motors Corporation
300 Renaissance Center Detroit, 48265 Michigan, USA
(313) 556-5000
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Kristal Chevrolet Dealership located at 5200 Kings Hwy, Brooklyn, NY 11234 (718)253-7575, Manfredi Chevrolet Dealership located at 2519 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY (718) 351-4200,  General Motors Headquarters, Detroit MI, 48243 (866) 790-5700

On 06/01/2014 I Bought Chevrolet Suburban Vin # 1GNSKJE77DR333576, from 86 Street Chevrolet Dealer located at 1575 86 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11228 which is closed for renovation. The vehicle had 32061 miles on it Selling price with Financing was $56010.88, M&T Bank Finance it, I put $1000 down at the time of finance. On June 21 2014 I started to work with Uber as independent contractor, I took this car cause I’ve been working as professional driver since 2001, and that car is good for work with clientele.

Everything was perfect until the Accident which happened to be on 03/06/2015, it was at the corner of Metropolitan Ave and Berry Street, the weather was bad, we had snow previous day and city didn’t clean it well, it was icy under the snow, I was driving down from N1 street and because the block from N1 Street to Metropolitan Ave is down hill, my car slid to the corner of Metropolitan Ave and Berry Street, in Brooklyn NY, I barely stopped at the light which was red at the time, and checked my back view mirror and I saw next car was sliding behind me, I had few seconds to maneuver my car to the right but snow and ice didn’t help situation

which was slower then the car behind me I went as far right as I could but the back of my car was still seeing by the car sliding and there was a space for the next car behind me to drive through from the left of my car but the driver couldn’t get it right and hit my car from the back, we called police I have a police report, and Insurance company from the car who hit my car asked me to go their repair shop, but I told them that I’m going to repair my car at the Krystal Chevrolet dealer which I thought is representing a big General Motors Company, and just because I’m in business with transporting people, I believed that they suppose to do a

very good job. The car was at the repairs for 2 weeks I got compensated for the time I been of my work. On April 27 2015, I got my car back from Krystal dealership everything looked perfect like brand new. Around September 2015 I started to see Traction control light, but it was on for a moment end when the car warmed of it was going of, it was happening for at least one month and I went to Krystal dealership but the light was not on and they told me just wait until the light is not going to go away, I waited until Traction control light and Stability control light was on every day. And January 21 2016, my battery went dead I started the car from

jump and took it to repair shop in Brooklyn (Repairs on Wheels) and they said the battery is dead you have to replace it. They replaced the battery, and a week later they replaced the sensors (January 26/2016). On February 24/2016, I was at work driving my clients to the airport and half way down to the airport my car went crazy, I’ve got scared but I didn’t show it but my car did, dashboard was full of lights, Traction control stability control Check engine light, Door was closing and opening, car had that beeping sound, and transmission power went down I barely drove clients to their destination which wasn’t that far, and was making my way to

 Krystal Dealership cause I thought it was an emergency call, I called them explained what the situation was, they said they have no available spots but I told them that the emergency situation, when I got to them, they said you have to make an appointment 30 days in advance. And it was not a pleasant conversation, cause it was like “why are you bothering us we are at lunch”, then I called General Motors Chevrolet division and explained them what the situation was and that I need an emergency look up. The closest was Manfredi Chevrolet Dealership appointment was next day 02/25/2016, I paid $250.41, and service guy called said I can

pick the car up this same day, I picked it up, next day 02/26/2016 early morning I came to the car started went to get a gas, I shut down the car filled the gas, put my keys in try to turn the car on, its dead, I waited 10 min its started but the dash board went crazy again, doors look unlock, transmission power went down I barely drove it to Manfredi Dealership in Staten Island, they did something on it I took it back same day and drove it for a week. On March 2nd 2016 early morning my working procedure is the same, went to get a gas shut down the car, got gas tried to start its dead. I took it back to Manfredi Dealership with the same problem

which seems like never been taken care of. The car was at the Manfredi Dealership for few weeks, they were looking for harness put the car apart, found nothing, charged me $2045.76. I couldn’t work for the whole that time, and then they gave my car back to me which I drove for a week and it came back to the same thing where we started. Took it back on 03/25/2016 it was there for a week again on 03/31/2016 I got my car back drove it for 2 month and on 06/06/2016 when I went to repark my car for alternative side cleaning, I start the car put it in drive and pushed the gas pedal the transmission didn’t pick up at first then slowly start to

accelerate the slowing down to brake, locked the rear wheels and braking with a squeaking sound. I barely parked the car, called Roadside assistance and towed it to Manfredi Dealership. All of the above was discussed with General Motors which was not pleasant to talk with, Customer service people are awful to deal with, and the last thing what I heard that “They aren’t affiliating with Chevrolet dealerships in any way, sales, repairs, or customer service. My question was:”How you aren’t affiliating with your front man who does the sales for you”. So right now my car is at Manfredi Dealership, who’s taking time to check on my cars transmission which

continuing to do weird things which is unsafe and frustrated for me. I’m afraid of driving this vehicle, I still owe $28,173.39 to the bank, for the car which isn’t possible to drive, All this time since the last year until today I still under stress and I’ve been struggled for all this time, and I do feel that GM got to find a resolution for defective job that have been done to my car by it’s employees which I consider unprofessional, irresponsible.

Plus on 06/19/2017 and 06/21/2017 I tried to store the car at Manfredi Staten Island, and Service Manager Completely refused to take it from me.

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